We have launched three web applications (thus fulfilling what our company name was picked up for).

These applications have been up & running for almost 3 years. However we have decided to phase them out, as we now concentrate on some new projects.

If you’d like details about any of these applications, please use the contact information here.

Simple and fun, mobile and social, Bloggino is a mini-blogging platform.

  • Bloggino lets you post messages to your own bloggino by MMS, Instant Messaging, email or through the web site itself.
  • Bloggino is a fun place where friends can comment and are notified of what you add.

Bloggino logo

Bloggers, put your blogroll on steroïds!

  • rollSense recommends content to readers related to what they read on your blog.
  • rollSense is an application you can customize to match your blog design.
  • More, rollSense can also help bloggers create their own network of blogs by cross-referencing one another.

rollSense logo

Late 2006, 2or3things launched Blastfeed, a service to filter feeds and get notified of the results.

  • Part of the technology has been instrumental to creating rollSense.
  • Blastfeed is no longer active. Should you wish to filter a bunch of feeds and get an aggregated RSS feed as result, please check out and use rollSense.

Blastfeed logo